Sunday, March 30, 2014

This Week

I have been resting this weekend, taking it easy on myself. Lolly-gagging, reading, napping, watched a movie. Whatever you want to call it I've been lazy on purpose.

This week will be weird. Tuesday is the day we sign all the papers. April Fools Day, of course. It just so happened that way. That was the day the Mediator could see us. How appropriate. Just like we got married on a Friday the 13th. Accident. The place we wanted to get married was booked on the 14th. So we threw caution to the wind, not superstitious at all.

I have plans with a friend on Monday night. Tuesday is not settled, part of me wanting to be alone, part of me wanting to call out to all my girlfriends for support, because I just don't know how I will feel. Wednesday tickets to a comedy show that Jeckyll is on, but also my dear roommate. Invited my new friend, who we have patched up our misunderstanding I believe, and maybe he'll join me or maybe he won't. Maybe I will stay home at the last minute.

I have no idea how this week will go. I've been very calm all weekend, very content for the most part. I've actually been sober this whole past week more than the entire year so far. Five days out of seven this week, sober. Weird.

So we proceed with this divorce/breakup/whatever. The end is coming closer with every day, although ended months ago.

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  1. I hope that the week is good. Glad about your being sober. That has to help some.