Saturday, November 30, 2013

One Holiday Down.

Thanksgiving turned into a smashing success, even with all my crying in the morning.

I had extra people I had not anticipated, but we actually had enough chairs and had enough plates for everyone. We had enough food for the more "poorer" of guests to bring home piles of leftovers.

It really was an orphan Thanksgiving. One young man who was going to be spending the day alone, his family does not celebrate holidays and he's a bit on the "outs" with the comedians. I wouldn't want him coming around here all the time, but just one day wasn't going to hurt anything. Another young man who has been couch surfing for several weeks, finally got a job recently, he was thrilled to be here and kept thanking me over and over again saying, "this was the best Thanksgiving". He was very grateful. He brought cranberry sauce.

Jeckyll came over early, but not even as early as Scumbag and his girlfriend (I'm going to start calling her Birdy). He still treats my house like it's his own. I tell him, "people will be coming over around 2:00". It's 1:00 and he says, "that's OK we'll help you get ready", and they are the first to arrive. Bustling in with a pie and bottles of wine and the emergency stack of paper plates I asked them to get, just in case.

We had 14 people at the table to eat. Again, it all came together at the last minute and was great. Except I burned the stuffing, but nobody cared.

After dinner folks piled up in the living room watching football. I had help clearing the table and starting the first round of dishes. Desserts started to come out to the table and a board game was started.

Jeckyll and Blondie took off to go to a second Thanksgiving party, all comedians. I didn't mind that he left, he had no obligation to stay here all evening. We played more board games, picked at dessert, and people slowly went home.

I ended the night doing one more round of dishes, I hate to wake up to a mess. I watched a little TV alone, just pondering the day. I went to bed feeling fine, feeling tired, maybe feeling a little lonely.

But I literally take the AA words. "god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference".

If I take "god" out, I actually like it.


  1. So glad that it was a good day. And that you had orphans over. That is what the day is about.

  2. I'm sorry you had a rough, tearful morning. I'm glad, though, that having people over went well. I'm also kind of glad that you no longer have a roommate. I've found them to be more trouble than their worth, sometimes. I just hope you don't feel too lonely without him.